Exhibition logistics in Russia

The development of any business is the search for new customers, partners and suppliers around the world. All this is not possible without the participation in international exhibitions, congresses and presentations. Every company tries to present themselves and their products as much as possible and in the best light, but unfortunately all foreign companies face particular customs clearance, Russian mentality, administrative regulations in Russia.
RVA Logistic Group operates in the field of logistics and customs clearance for more than 10 years, but also we are distributors of the two foreign companies in Russia. Over the past year we have been parties to the five international exhibitions and so on our own personal experience are encountered with all the problems experiencing foreign companies in Russia.
Let’s look at all the stages of the process and ways of solving problems.
You are a foreign company which is interested in the Russian market and plan to arrive on one of the international exhibitions in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities. The first thing you probably do is to contact in your country to the company — organizer of exhibitions, for example such as — Messe Munchen Int. , Reed Exhibitions, Arvelin Int. OY, and others. These companies will help you in all that is directly related to the organization of the exhibition.
You have paid and booked a stand at the exhibition and then in front of you stands a big problem — how to deliver exhibition equipment, advertising materials, products, and all that is required at the exhibition.

- All goods that arrive in the territory of the Russian Federation, fall under the control of customs. All transactions with customs and regulatory agencies is available only when there is a legal entity in the Russian Federation.
- Logistics — surely you encounter a transport company in the country and they all work as a watch for obvious fare, but only up to the border with Russia.
- How to bring your goods before the show that he has not gone to the boundless expanses of Russia and how much will it cost?
- How to pay all the costs of delivery of the goods if you do not have a legal entity in Russia and all payments are possible only in rubles?
- We assume that you have managed to deliver showpieces and take part in the exhibition, but the question arises: how to return the goods back to your country in the integrity and security?

Solutions to these problems are there and we are ready to talk honestly about them:

The most important and the first thing you need to do — to define clearly what goods will travel to Russia only to the exhibition and will have to return to your country — this goods will go on temporary admission or CARNET ATA (http://www.atacarnet.com) the second part of the cargo — promotional items, gift or trial products — all that will remain in Russia, you can sell or give away for free — the entire burden will go on the procedure of import in the Russian Federation. All loads must be divided into these two parts, clearly marked, weighed and cargo space measured in three dimensions.
All information about the cargo you transmit to us, and from that moment our company is responsible for shipping and customs clearance.
What will happen next? You should know it, because it’s your cargo, and it goes to Russia.
Our forwarder or transport company — a partner in your region previously linked to you, take the goods from your warehouse and take to one of our warehouses in the EU about the Russian border. Further, our trucks we deliver cargo to the customs in Russia. Сustoms formalities we should discuss in details as this is the hardest.
Calculation of all customs duties, registration of permits we manufacture prior to shipment, and provide you with.
After clearing customs and before the installation of the exhibition stand we provide a free warehouse to store your goods.
On the day of installation, we deliver the goods to the stand in the exhibition center.
After the exhibition, part of the cargo that must return to your country will be withdrawn from the stand, delivered to the customs office to close the temporary admission and returned to your warehouse in the country of origin.

If you decide to use our services, we guarantee:
- Calculation of all costs of shipping the goods is prior to shipment with details of all stages and official payments. The sum is agreed with the customer and remains unchanged until the end of the contract.
- We are all responsible to the customs authorities of your cargo.
- Our managers will inform you about every step of transportation and the location of the cargo.
- If you can not pay for our services in rubles, we can invoice in foreign currency from our office in the EU.
- For the carriage there is no difference you’re taking 1 kg of cargo or more tons, we will deliver the goods of any size and weight.
- If you will be satisfied with our service, we are pleased to continue our cooperation on transportation of your goods, import clearance, delivery of test products, spare parts, promotional products from 1 kg

In any case we will be happy to answer all your questions, advise you on customs legislation, on the basis of personal experience of the organization of distribution in Russia.

We wish success to you and your business.
kind regards
RVA. Company.


Our company since 2002 engaged in the delivery and customs clearance of goods from any country in Russia. We are the official carriers for the delivery of goods to Russia for several major European and American companies. Long-term work and experience of staff, as well as knowledge of and compliance with laws and international Russian legislation, ensure fast and reliable delivery of any goods from around the world to Russia. We undertake to provide all necessary conditions for delivery of cargo in Russia:

• payment for goods supplier
• certification
• air, sea and road transport in Russia
• customs clearance in Russia
• storage of goods in the warehouse in Russia
• cargo shipping to anywhere in Russia
• full documentary support transportation
• flexible payment system

We are looking for foreign partners (United States, Europe, China) for collaboration in the field of import / export goods. We will be glad to new contacts and partners.

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